Meet the Owner

Hey y’all my name is Cassondra. I am the owner and creative designer of KJS Creations. KJS was designed with durability and little girls in mind. I have a 6 year old beautiful little tornado who loves her bows, but could rip apart a ribbon bow in 2 minutes flat. After many dollars spent replacing these ribbon bows I decided to change that cycle and design a bow that could withstand whatever came it’s way. (Water, toddlers, and toy boxes) Almost 6 years later KJS has expanded from 2 styles now to over 20! All bows are designs of my own making and are hand cut and crafted by myself. So much love goes into each one. My mission is to not only give every princess and queen a bow, but a style that can grow with the ages! So thank you so much for stopping by and joining my beautiful KJS Family! Xoxo -Bow Boss